At the start of the summer of 2014, together with Mauricio Sandoval and Pieter Smakman, I co-founded Pepe Innovation. During our masters we enjoyed conceptual projects and also executed a couple of embodiment projects, but we wanted to make a real, mass-produced product. We contacted Visser Supplies, a large Dutch player in the automation industry. We knew they had started the ideation of their first consumer product.


We suggested to develop the product in EPP (Expanded PolyPropylene), a material which offers great structural properties, possibilities for containing water and production with undercuts. Especially the undercuts ensure a tight fit of the bricks and provide more smart functionality. We were commissioned for the project, and after 4 months of conceptualization, embodiment, research, a lot of prototyping and tight cooperation with production, the product has been mass-produced and is now for sale in stores.


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