Early 2016 I co-founded 360 Dreams with Mauricio Sandoval. We take on VR-related design work besides developing our own products. The 360 Library Cardboard Stand is just a teaser for more to come.


The 360 Library Cardboard Stand makes virtual reality content available to everyone. It is the interfacing tool between VR content and users. The 360 LCS uses a redesign of the Cardboard VR headset developed by Google, an affordable and easy way to experience VR. Recently there has been a fast and ongoing increase in online VR content, such as 360 videos, games and apps. The 360 cardboard stand for public libraries will allow anyone to experience this new world of VR. The 360 library cardboard stand is a sustainable and affordable product. The stands support 5 dream cardboards, which have been designed for durability and ease of use.


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